Summer eceLINK 2014

eceLINK-Summer2014-web_1.jpgIn this issue:

  • AECEO Position Paper on Professional Learning for RECEs
  • Teaching on the Other Side of the World
  • AECEO Certification
  • Outdoor Natural Spaces for Learning Inspiration for RECEs
  • Endeavours to Enhance the Lives of Children with Autism through Nature Based Learning
  • Early Childhood Leadership Program
  • Addressing ECE Student Needs

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Spring eceLINK 2014

In this issue:eceLINKSpring2014web_1.jpg

  • Finding a Path to Advocacy
  • Open Letter to Education Minister Liz Sandals
  • Foundations for RECE Practice in FDK
  • AECEO Response to the Proposal to Amend Regulation 262
  • The Value of Registered Early Childhood Educators and Licensed Child Care
  • Mentoring Pairs for Child Care
  • AECEO.C Your next professional step

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Fall/Winter eceLINK 2013

In this issue:eceLINKfwinter2013_1.jpg

  • Constructing FDK Teams
  • Uphill and Downhill, and Yes, Side to Side!
  • AECEO Webinar Series
  • Self Directed Professional Learning
  • AECEO Certification Review: Update

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Summer/Fall eceLINK 2013

In this issue:eceLINKSummerFall2013_1.jpg

  • Professional Work for Professional Pay: How do we get there?
  • Why is it so hard for ECEs to gain professional pay?
  • Unions and Child Care
  • Low wages: the cost of caring
  • Member Consultation: Ongoing Professional Learning
  • Supporting ECE Students: AECEO engagement initiatives 

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Spring eceLINK 2013

In this issue:eceLINKSpring2013_1.jpg

  • Leadership in the Early Years
  • Professional Learning and Professional Learning Networks
  • Research into Practice: Leadership in Early Childhood Education

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Winter eceLINK 2013

In this issue:WintereceLINK2013f_1.jpg

  • Our Rejuvenation Experience: A word from the Sudbury branch
  • Toronto First Duty: A decade of research and development
  • The Magnificent Two Percent: A perspective from a male ECE
  • Why High Quality Universal Child Care is Part of a More Equal Canada for all of us

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Fall eceLINK 2012

In this issue:FalleceLINK2012_1.jpg

  • Our professional identity
  • Modernizing childcare in Ontario: our response to the Ministry of Education
  • Access to the Early Childhood Education Field in Ontario: Final Report
  • Leading through practice: Our collective journey
  • A Lesson in Leadership: Camp AECEO experience
  • Are ECEs ready for FDK?

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Spring eceLINK 2012

In this issue:LINKSpring2012_1.jpg

  • The College of ECE Complaints Process and You
  • The Relationship between an Association and Regulatory Body
  • Access Bridging Program Success Story
  • Camp AECEO Leadership Conference

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Winter eceLINK 2012

In this issue:LINKWinter12_1.jpg

  • Seamless Full Day Early Learning
  • Early Learning and Care Options across Ontario
  • Leadership in the 21st Century Part II
  • Working towards a seamless integrated system
  • An Interdisciplinary & Collaborative approach to Ontario's Best Start Initiative
  • Showcase a Leader

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Summer/Fall eceLINK 2011

In this issue:eceLINKFall11WEB_1.jpg

  • Leadership in the 21st century
  • Andrew Fleck CCS 100th Anniversary
  • My career journey
  • How big a risk can outdoor play be for children
  • The importance of music in early childhood
  • Showcase a leader

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Spring eceLINK 2011

In this issue:2011Spring_eceLINK_1.jpg

  • Ethical and professional standards for early childhood educators
  • Playing and learning in early childhood education
  • Holding on to a dream: ECE equivalency story
  • My educational journey
  • Student leadership in action

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Canadian families desperately need a national child-care program

Canadian families are doing their share for a prosperous future – they’re having more babies – but governments are letting them down.

Public spending on licensed child care remains grossly inadequate, and so is the supply of space. Meanwhile hard-pressed parents face crushing costs as a “baby boomlet” puts new strain on Canada’s over-stretched child care resources.

That’s the finding of a new report by the Toronto-based Childcare Resource and Research Unit and analysts at the universities of Guelph and Manitoba.  

Toronto Star June 22, 2014

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Schools in affluent areas more likely to offer after-hours child care, study finds

A survey by People for Education has found major gaps in the delivery of before- and after-school programs for young students — despite this being a key part of the province’s full-day kindergarten plan.  Toronto Star June 23, 2014

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The Value of Unstructured Play Time for Kids

German psychologists find people who were allowed to play freely as children have greater social success as adults.

There has been plenty of hand-wringing in recent years about the “overscheduled child.” With after-school hours increasingly dominated by piano lessons, soccer practice, and countless other planned activities, many of us have a nagging sense that kids are missing out on something important if they have no time for unstructured play.

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Winter eceLINK 2011

2011Winter_eceLINK_1.jpgIn this issue:

  • Schools as community hubs
  • Update on Child and Family Centres
  • AECEO 60th Anniversary celebration photos
  • Advocacy Alert: Ontario can't live without child care

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Child Care Modernization Act, Bill 143

The government of Ontario announced the release of new legislation that addresses the modernization of child care.  

An Act to enact the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2013, to repeal the Day Nurseries Act, to amend the Early Childhood Educators Act, 2007 and the Education Act and to make consequential amendments to other Acts

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More than just a child care waitlist registry

valued family support, assessment service should stay with Andrew Fleck

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - May 27, 2014) - Despite a $4 million provincial funding infusion for Ottawa child care services, parents and child care staff throughout the city are flummoxed as to why the City of Ottawa is ending community provision of a valued assessment and referral service that fielded over 11,500 calls from parents in 2013.

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Early childhood education and child care in the 2014 Ontario election

The Ontario election is scheduled for June 12th, 2014. CRRU has selected materials from the political parties, NGOs and news media to explain how ECEC is positioned in this election campaign. We will continue to update this page as new developments occur. Materials are listed from the most recent to the least recent.

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Ontario needs a good child-care strategy: Editorial

In a provincial election that is understandably focused on jobs and the economy, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath deserves credit for shining a spotlight on a vital service that helps society thrive: a safe and sustainable child care system. Such a system doesn't exist in Ontario now.


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Parents need child care to work, party leaders told

Where is the child care in Ontario leaders’ jobs plan, parents and advocates ask.


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