Professional Pay & Decent Work


Raising the voice of ECEs in the Decent Work Movement

This year the AECEO’s Professional Pay for Professional Work campaign is ramping up to the next level!

With support from the Atkinson Foundation’s Decent Work Fund, and the assistance of our partners, the Atkinson Centre for Society and Child Development and the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care, we have embarked on a new project that will accelerate the campaign and amplify the voices and participation of early childhood educators and allies in the movement for professional pay and decent work.

As the decent work movement gains momentum in Ontario and around the world, it is important that Ontario’s early childhood workforce (EC workforce) becomes part of this broader movement for social and economic justice, fair work and compensation. There are over 50,000 ECEs registered with the College of Early Childhood Educators and that number is growing. Registered ECEs also work with thousands of other staff and professionals that make up the broader EC workforce. We are a vibrant, diverse and resilient group of dedicated professionals working in numerous programs that support and sustain families and communities. There is strength in the breadth and variety of the EC workforce’s roles and work settings and our project aims to develop a shared understanding of decent work and to unite and empower our collective voices to call for change. 

What will the project look like?

Eight community mobilization forums will take place across Ontario that will bring ECEs and allies together to share knowledge and contribute toward shaping policy recommendations and a comprehensive workforce strategy that will achieve professional pay for professional work. The forums will be free to attend and will provide resources and professional learning that will assist participants to take on leadership roles within the movement for decent work and professional pay. A planning session where participants and facilitators work together and strategize to outline our next steps will be included.

A workshop at the 13th Annual Summer Institute on Early Childhood Development on June 3 in Toronto will also be offered and a culminating event at our provincial conference Sept 16/17 in Ottawa will provide an opportunity to present on the knowledge and information gained through the mobilization forums, make further connections, continue the conversation with conference participants, and invite members of the EC workforce to lead discussions on how to strategically use the connections and information we have gathered to advocate for decent work for the EC workforce and beyond.

Upcoming Provincial Forums

The Professional Pay & Decent Work forums provide a positive and engaging space for all – no matter where you work in the child care sector.  The forums aim to increase dialogue and broaden understandings of decent work in the early childhood sector. Participants attending the forum should expect engaging conversations, networking and organizing, useful resources and skill building opportunities so that we can all take on a leadership role within the movement for professional pay and decent work.

All forums have now been completed - stay tuned for updates from the campaign and exciting next steps!

Resources & Materials

AECEO article - Spring, 2016

L. Arturo, ECELink Winter 2015. Toronto, ON: Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario

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What is the Atkinson Decent Work Fund?

The Atkinson Decent Work Fund is a grants program that takes aim at growing income and wealth inequality in Ontario. It’s an investment in changing this reality. It’s also a sign of confidence in the people who are demonstrating that a just society and inclusive economy are possible.

Visit Atkinson Decent Work Fund website


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