Humans of ECE...share your story on why its important to maintain the provincial wage grant 

We are launching Humans of ECE..share your story on the provincial wage enhancement grant.  Continuing from our Humans of ECEPower campaign we want to hear from you why the provincial wage enhancement grant is important to you.

Write your comments on the template and tell us why you need to keep the provincial wage grant.  Take a picture of yourself holding it and email it to us at

We are doing this campaign alongside the petition.  Make sure you print, sign and mail us original copies of the petition.  If you are intererested in collecting signatures in your community to present directly to your local MPP, please email us at 


Your voice matters!
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Provincial Wage Enhancement Grant Petition

We have partnered with the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care to launch a petition to continue the Provincial Wage Enhancement Grant to Registered Early Childhood Educators and early years staff in licensed child care.  This funding provides $2 per hour in wage support to many educators and it is critical that it continues.  Funding has not yet been confirmed beyond March 31, 2019.  The future of the grant is in the hands of the provincial government and will be decided by the Ontario Budget this spring. 

Print sign and share the petition today to tell the Ontario Government to maintain the $2 per hour wage enhancement.

  • Petition in English or French to print and sign.  Please mail completed petitions to OCBCC/AECEO offices by February 14, 2019.
  • Frequently Asked Questions - this will be helpful to post near the petition.

If you are interested in collecting signatures in your community to present directly to your local MPP, please write to to become a local petition leader. 

Please note:  This is an official paper petition to the Ontario legislature.  Only paper originals (not copies, emails, or faxes) are accepted.  Signers must include their full address, including postal code, for the petition to be accepted by the legislature. 

#ECEPower #DecentWork #ProfessionalPay  Your voice matters!

Speaking our truth on Parliament Hill



On November 20, 2018 federal politicians heard firsthand about Canada's child care crisis and benefits of a universal system.   

Nearly 100 child care advocates - parents, grandparents, educators, activists - were part of the largest lobbying effort on Parliament Hill for child care in over a decade.  Organized by Child Care Now, the AECEO took part in over 60 meetings with MPs and Senators and shared personal stories, research and policy recommendations to create a universal child care system.   Using the theme #ChildCareChampion we asked politicians to commit to moving the issue forward in their roles in government, within their parties, on committees and in the Senate. 

Want to get involved?  

Join the Professional Pay and Decent Work Campaign and get involved with a Decent Work Community of Practice or contact us and we can help you write a letter to your MP. 

Your voice matters!  Together we can make a difference!



Humans of ECE...Share your short story

This action is designed to raise the profile of ECEs and early years staff, while also highlighting some of the challenges you face in the early years. 

Think about what makes you special as an ECE or early years staff and what challenges you may face related to this.  Download the template here, write your short story and take a picture of you holding it and send it to us at

To see more Humans of ECE here.




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