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To build and support a strong collective voice for early childhood educators (ECEs) so they can participate in and influence positive change that benefits ECEs, children, families and communities.


The AECEO is the professional association for ECEs and its primary purpose is to advocate for respect, recognition and appropriate wages and working conditions for all ECEs. The AECEO serves our members and the ECE community by:

  • Building the capacity and leadership of ECEs to advocate for their profession and the children and families they care for.
  • Participation in advocacy and advisory towards the provincial government and other decision makers to promote the quality of programs through increased recognition and compensation for ECEs.
  • Raising and disseminating ECEs’ questions and concerns arising from new policies and programs and changes to current systems.
  • Collecting, analyzing and circulating relevant policy and research with a particular focus on implications and opportunities for the ECE workforce.
  • Supporting ECEs to connect with each other and to become more knowledgeable about the policies and systems that impact their daily work.
  • Working with partners to advocate for a high quality, publicly funded early childhood education and child care system that serves children from 0 – 12 years old, one that provides professional wages and working conditions for the ECE workforce.
  • Latest News

    Stop the Child Care Changes Campaign

    Unless the government changes course, their proposed regulatory changes to the Child Care and Early Years Act (CCEYA) could take effect as soon as next month. So even though their consultations are over, our fight to #StopTheChildCareChanges is more important than ever. We asked the ECEC community to show us how you feel about the changes and we are excited to share the collaborative videos created from the amazing submissions. Check back on this page as we will be sharing the videos as they are created. We have created an email template for following up on the multitude of submissions the Ministry received. It's important for Minister Lecce to hear directly from the community because we know our voices are stronger together. The AECEO and OCBCC are preparing a series of policy briefs on the proposals to inform the community and public. Here are your links to help you participate in this important phase of the campaign: Video1 (please share with your networks) Video 2 AECEO/OCBCC Policy briefs - new ones will be posted at this link as they are created Email template - please customize and use to email Minister Lecce as soon as possible.  Look up your MPP (to copy on your email to Minister Lecce)
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    AECEO Submission on proposed regulatory amendments to the CCEYA

    In responding to the consultation on the proposed regulatory changes to the Child Care and Early Years Act(CCEYA), the AECEO consulted with our members and the early learning and child care (ELCC) sector toraise the voice of ECEs, early years staff, and families and address specific areas of concern identified by theprofession. The AECEO recommends the Ministry of Education: Does not proceed with the following proposed regulatory changes: o A1. Schedule 2 – Requirements for Age Groupings, Ratios, Maximum Group Size, andProportion of Qualified Staff;o A3. Authorized Recreational and Skill Build Programs;o B1. Qualified Employees;o B2. Short-Term Supply Staff; ando B3. Qualification Requirements for Child Care Centre Supervisors Abandon the consideration of an registry of unlicensed home child care providers Instead, we reassert the following recommendations from the consultation period which were not reflected inthe current regulatory posting. The Ministry of Education should: Ensure professional pay and decent work for early childhood educators by enshrining in legislation aprovincial wage scale, a mechanism for ongoing consultation with the EC workforce, an EarlyChildhood Workforce Learning Framework, and enhanced staff:child ratios. Rethink quality by embedding relational and ethical understandings of quality into legislation andincreasing the required number of qualified staff in ELCC programs. Ensure access to culturally relevant pedagogy and programming by legislating recognition and respectfor local and cultural knowledge and pedagogy and ensuring appropriate funding and authority to FirstNations, Inuit and Metis and Francophone communities and programs. Begin to address systemic Anti-Black racism through legislated pre-service and in-service education,anti-racist policies and practice, and a further review of the CCEYA through an Anti-Racist lens asrecommended by the Community of Black ECEs. Develop a comprehensive, interdisciplinary inclusion strategy that adopts the policy recommendationsof the Inclusive Early Childhood Service System Project. Implement base-funding to licensed centre-based care and home child care agencies and introduce amoratorium on new for-profit development as a first step towards a universal child care system.2 The position of the AECEO is informed by consultation with our members and the ECEC sector, facilitatedthrough meetings, email responses, and a community survey of over 2400 educators and families. Click HERE to read our full submission.
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