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To build and support a strong collective voice for early childhood educators (ECEs) so they can participate in and influence positive change that benefits ECEs, children, families and communities.


The AECEO is the professional association for ECEs and its primary purpose is to advocate for respect, recognition and appropriate wages and working conditions for all ECEs. The AECEO serves our members and the ECE community by:

  • Building the capacity and leadership of ECEs to advocate for their profession and the children and families they care for.
  • Participation in advocacy and advisory towards the provincial government and other decision makers to promote the quality of programs through increased recognition and compensation for ECEs.
  • Raising and disseminating ECEs’ questions and concerns arising from new policies and programs and changes to current systems.
  • Collecting, analyzing and circulating relevant policy and research with a particular focus on implications and opportunities for the ECE workforce.
  • Supporting ECEs to connect with each other and to become more knowledgeable about the policies and systems that impact their daily work.
  • Working with partners to advocate for a high quality, publicly funded early childhood education and child care system that serves children from 0 – 12 years old, one that provides professional wages and working conditions for the ECE workforce.
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    eceLINK Summer 2020 - Now available online

    In this issue: President’s Message Call for Articles AECEO Public Position and Action Plan on Truth and Reconciliation Exploring Indigenous Pedagogies (open article available to the public) The Peer Reviewed Collection: Special Issue: Common Worlding in Early Childhood Education I Speak Frog: Storying Seasonal Narratives of Children’s Common Worlds Plastic City: A Small-Scale Experiment for Disrupting Normative Borders Thinking With Plastics: Common Worlds Waste Pedagogies Disrupt the Early Childhood Classroom Pedagogies of Indeterminacy Profiles of the Nominees for the 2020-2021 Provincial Board Of Directors Motion for the 2020 AECEO AGM Voting Process  We would like to thank the following advertisers for helping to support this issue of the eceLINK: ECE Qualifications Upgrade Program School Specialty University of Guelph/Humber Johnson Insurance  (AECEO Member Access)
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    A Universal Child Care System with Decent Work at its Core Must be the Goal of Ontario’s Review of the Child Care and Early Years Act

    Joint Statement from the Professional Pay and Decent Work Project It is a critical time for early childhood education and care (ECEC) in Ontario. Across the sector educators, operators, families, and allies are calling for change. The mandated 5-year review of the Child Care and Early Years Act (CCEYA) must be an opportunity to ensure that we do not go backwards, or further entrench a fragmented, market approach to vital ECEC programs. The province has allowed a short turnaround time for the public to respond. Deadline for written submissions are July 31, 2020. Letters and submissions should be sent to The COVID-19 pandemic has made public the failures of a market model approach in organizing and delivering ECEC programs. Where programs have adapted and responded to the pandemic, they have done so in spite of the failures of the system. The gaps and inequities that result from our current patchwork are not new, but they have become more visible as the pandemic drew attention to the lack of infrastructure to support ECEC programs. Ontario must not be complacent about the CCEYA review. Ontario´s legislated quality standards and supports lag behind most other Canadian jurisdictions (see attached). A modern early years act is needed, one that reflects children´s entitlement to quality programs regardless of their unique abilities, cultural or ethnic origins, or family income. Parent fees would be eliminated. Regulations backed with sufficient resources would support the early childhood workforce with decent pay and working conditions. Ontario´s market system is failing children, families, early childhood educators and early years staff as it continues to download responsibility to individual operators, educators and families without proper systems of support. To capitalize on this opportunity for change, we must see strengthened provincial legislation alongside a significant increase in both federal and provincial resources guided by a national framework that lays the groundwork for quality ECEC as an entitlement for all Canada´s children. We must ensure that any legislative change moves us towards a universally accessible, publicly funded and managed ECEC system with decent work for early childhood educators and early years staff at the core. Educators are key to providing high-quality experiences for children. But underfunding, poor oversight and the lack of decent work in licensed child care create challenging conditions. Far from being a legislative leader in promoting quality early learning and care, Ontario´s standards lag behind those of other Canadian jurisdictions. Now is the time to strengthen, not downgrade quality in Ontaro's child care legislation. Download the full statement.
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