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To build and support a strong collective voice for early childhood educators (ECEs) so they can participate in and influence positive change that benefits ECEs, children, families and communities.


The AECEO is the professional association for ECEs and its primary purpose is to advocate for respect, recognition and appropriate wages and working conditions for all ECEs. The AECEO serves our members and the ECE community by:

  • Building the capacity and leadership of ECEs to advocate for their profession and the children and families they care for.
  • Participation in advocacy and advisory towards the provincial government and other decision makers to promote the quality of programs through increased recognition and compensation for ECEs.
  • Raising and disseminating ECEs’ questions and concerns arising from new policies and programs and changes to current systems.
  • Collecting, analyzing and circulating relevant policy and research with a particular focus on implications and opportunities for the ECE workforce.
  • Supporting ECEs to connect with each other and to become more knowledgeable about the policies and systems that impact their daily work.
  • Working with partners to advocate for a high quality, publicly funded early childhood education and child care system that serves children from 0 – 12 years old, one that provides professional wages and working conditions for the ECE workforce.
  • Latest News

    Call for Submissions-eceLINK Peer Reviewed Collection

    Issue: Fall 2021   Special issue: Post pandemic possibilities: Exploring new ideas and spaces in ECEC emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically altered and continues to alter ECEC in Ontario. In times of uncertainty, desperation and fear there is an understandable longing to get back to “normal”. This call asks how the pandemic may have prompted new thinking about the pre-pandemic status quo in ECEC at the program and policy level. Some topics/questions that could be explored include: How have the dominant ideas about the purpose, value and scope of ECEC been challenged and/or reinforced throughout the pandemic? How has the pandemic challenged the public/private (market-state-family) positioning of ECEC at the policy level in Ontario and/or Canada? What can we learn from the varied responses of ECEC professionals to the pandemic as we continue to move through it and beyond? Has the COVID-19 pandemic provided new ways of thinking or doing pedagogy in ECEC in Ontario? Relevant to all of these questions is how new ideas or ways of thinking emerging out of the pandemic are having an impact on children, families and educators involved in ECEC programs and policies in Ontario.   Submission deadline:  June 1, 2021 Download a PDF copy of the full Call for Submissions
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    Early Years and Child Care Sector Flash Survey

    The AECEO and OCBCC have been working to bring forward issues facing the Early Childhood Educators, staff, parents and families to the provincial and federal governments. To support our efforts, we've created a quick survey to better understand how Covid-19 is currently impacting the ELCC sector and to inform our advocacy to the Ontario and Federal governments on behalf of the ELCC sector. To help us in this work, we ask you to please take 10 minutes to share your thoughts with us. Please also share widely in your networks. Our advocacy is better and stronger when we are united. Your voice and your needs matter to us, and they should be heard by decision makers.       Please click HERE to take the survey. Update on Phase 2 of Ontario's vaccine rollout We've heard from many of you with questions about where the early years workforce fits in Ontario’s vaccine roll-out. We have been advocating for the early years workforce to be included, along with other critically important workers, in Phase 2 of the vaccine roll-out. At this time, we have had the following message from the Ontario Ministry of Education: “While there are many variables associated with immunization planning, such as vaccine supply and timing, work to-date has included child care workers as part of Phase Two of the government’s vaccine implementation plan”.While this is a hopeful message, we are going to continue our advocacy until the inclusion of the early years workforce is concretely confirmed and to ensure that the roll-out plan best meets the needs of educators across the Province.
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