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The AECEO Guiding Committee on Truth and Reconciliation contributes an article in each issue of our publication, the eceLINK. The Committee's inaugural article, Walking Together in Reconciliation, appeared in the journal's Winter/Spring 2020 issue.

Call for Submissions: Spring/Summer 2023 issue

The Committee is encouraging responses to Elder Brenda's beautiful and meaningful piece: What kind of Ancestor do you hope to be? that was published in the Fall/Winter 2022 issue. Submissions that respond to the ideas: What kind of imprints am I leaving? What kind of footprints do I want to leave for those that are coming behind me? What imprints am I leaving when I have been with people in a gathering? discussed by Elder Brenda in the article may be sent to the Committee's attention via [email protected]  up to April 15, 2023.   

Responses will be published the the Spring/Summer eceLINK.

If you would like more information about submitting a response please email [email protected]

Walking Together in Reconciliation

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What kind of Ancestor do you hope to be?