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    Professional EMP

    Professional EMP Membership is open to any individual with credentials recognized for registration with the College of Early Childhood Educators (CECE).

    Are you in your first year of registration with the College of Early Childhood Educators? If so there is a special AECEO membership category called 1st Year Professional that carries a lower fee for your first year of practice. If this applies to you - please click the link below "For all other membership categories" and join as a 1st year professional.


    For all other membership categories, click here.....

    Members receive e-bulletins via email and access the eceLINK and member content on the members'-only area of website. Members receive Membership ID and receipt via email (unless they request a printed copy).

    Please note* AECEO membership is not registration with the College of Early Childhood Educators. To renew or apply for your RECE registration please visit the College of ECE website 

    To pay membership fees via e-transfer please send to email: [email protected]


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    AECEO Member Survey

    We aim to build strong connections with our members through diverse communication methods. This survey is one way we can learn more about each other and the conditions of our work.

    Click HERE to fill out the AECEO Personal & Professional Learning Experience Member Survey.

    (Image description: Dark blue writing next to the AECEO logo. "Future Personal and Professional Learning Experiences Feedback. Please answer some questions about professional learning to help the AECEO create a future learning model that will be deeply influenced by your ideas and hopes." A faded photo of wooden blocks on patterned carpet floor is in the background of the text.)

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