Black History Month 2024

February is Black History Month. Recognizing Black History Month is a practice that is meant to exercise dissent and combat dominant societal narratives that harm the Black community and society at large. The ways in which we engage with people, resources, and education this month reflect an ongoing commitment to build a better world. The acknowledgement of Black History Month provides both an opportunity for celebrating Black histories and for working towards collective liberation and anti-racism in society.

As early childhood educators and as a community, the AECEO continues to invite you to learn and unlearn alongside us, during Black History Month and beyond. With that intention, we curated a selection of resources that have supported our own learning to share with our online community. We also take Black History Month as an opportunity to recognize, amplify and celebrate Black educators and advocates. Throughout the month of February 2024, the AECEO used our social media platforms to shine the spotlight on members of the Black community who have used their skills and talents to promote inclusion and make the world better for all children. Check out the links below to learn more

Celebrating Black ECE History Makers 

Learn about some of the Black educators, community leaders and advocates who have made - and are currently making - Black History. Read or download Celebrating ECE History Makers in PDF here!

Learning in Community 

A comprehensive list of recommended readings, videos, podcasts and other resources that have supported our learning and growth. Check out the Learning in Community resource list in PDF here! As well, here is a list of Black Owned Businesses across North America.

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