Upcoming Events - April 22nd - May 7th

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Community of Practice Meetings 

AECEO Provincial Conference Hub Launch

The AECEO Provincial Conference Hub is launching on April 27th, 2024 and access will be exclusive to AECEO members! In the Hub, you will find recordings of all presentations and other resources from the 2023 Provincial Conference! 

Learn more about the 2023 AECEO Provincial Conference here!

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Child Care Parent & Family Community Action - MPP Training

The 3rd Child Care Parent & Family Community Action meeting is on May 7th at 8PM!

This session will focus on preparing participants to meet with elected representatives. By joining you will have a chance to meet likeminded people who are also facing systemic barriers when it comes to accessing affordable high-quality child care in their community.  

Join us on May 7th at 8PM!

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