Decent Work Communities of Practice (CoP)

What is Communities of Practice

A Community of Practice (CoP) is a regional or allied collective that acts as an extension of the provincial body and collaborates with the AECEO to provide access to the project across the province. These CoPs are self-determined learning groups that connect folks to supports, resources, and shared experiences to strengthen a unified early years workforce.

CoPs in action:

  • Introduce and sustain collaborative processes by connecting early years professionals and cultivating a safe and inclusive engagement culture

  • Generate new knowledge by sharing resources, critically examining existing structures, and inviting underrepresented perspectives

  • Pilot initiatives, and participate in other CoP initiatives, by maintaining a positive attunement to the capacity and motivation of members

  • Help to organize people locally to promote the recognition of the early years workforce in order to invoke policy development and increase membership

How CoPs Engage Early Years Professionals

By connecting people/ECEs from across the early years and child care sector, CoPs will grow their capacity for broadly inclusive decision making. The shared experience will serve to provide early years professionals the context to facilitate communication and information sharing. CoPs promote radical transparency and trust to foster accountability based on humanity and understanding as the catalyst to commitment.

Starting a CoP or getting involved with an existing CoP can be a meaningful and enriching Continuous Professional Learning activity for ECEs and early years staff in Ontario. The first step to creating a local CoP is to structure a team of individuals who want to take action for change!  

Meet Our CoP Leads

Lisa Johnston


Karly Stewart


Hedi Gordon, Jessica Scallen, Lee Stanistreet



Lori Prospero


Tracy Saarikoski


Nicole Cummings-Morgan