Response to Drummond Report

February 2012

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In the wake of the Drummond report release the Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario (AECEO) commends the Provincial government for publically stating full day kindergarten will not be cancelled.  However, recommendations that reduce the effectiveness of the program should not be considered, such as removing one of the experts from the classroom.

The AECEO believes the Premier should continue to support the vision for the program by ensuring that vital components are not removed for the sake of saving money in the short term.  Removing the registered early childhood educator (RECE) from the classroom would have the most profound impact on full day kindergarten.  Registered early childhood educators are specialists in early child development and care.  Their partnership with teachers is instrumental to the success of the early learning initiative that is supported by research, government and parents.

We must provide our children with the best guidance and support in all stages of learning.  Having two professionals delivering a play based curriculum in a child driven program ensures that children will receive the attention and guidance they need to learn and grow, and be successful in school from the start.

The AECEO urges Premier McGuinty and his government to stay the course in implementing the whole vision for full day kindergarten by 2015.  Investing in this vision creates a level playing field through fairness, equality and access for all of Ontario’s children and families and makes good economic sense in the short and long term.  

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