As the professional association for early childhood educators in Ontario the AECEO advocates on behalf of ECEs in a variety of ways.

At times, we may engage in overt advocacy through supporting existing early learning and child care campaigns or developing campaigns such as the current Professional Pay & Decent Work campaign.

At other times our advocacy work is more nuanced as we work to engage in conversations around early childhood education and child care policy development, research and practice. The AECEO strives to voice the needs, concerns and rights of early childhood educators in these important discussions that have an impact on the work of early childhood educators in Ontario.


Staff and board members try to attend as many meetings, consultations and community events as possible in order to represent early childhood educators, build partnerships and stay informed on current developments. As well, we use a variety of written formats to include the voice and needs of early childhood educators in these broader conversations and developments. These items include position papers on specific issues, formal responses to government policy and funding developments that impact the work of early childhood educators, as well as informal responses to public conversations such a letter to the editor.

The AECEO works on behalf of all early childhood educators in Ontario, however, membership with the AECEO is voluntary. The collective voice of ECEs will be stronger, louder and more visible as AECEO membership grows.

For more information on becoming a member of the AECEO please see our membership page or contact us.

For current members, please feel free to contact us with your questions, concerns and ideas around advocacy for Ontario’s early childhood educators.