What does a $15 min wage mean for RECEs in Ontario?

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$15 Minimum Wage and Equal Pay for Part-Time and Full-Time Workers Part of Plan to Help People Get Ahead in a Changing Economy
News Release - Office of the Premier

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne announced yesterday that the minimum wage will be increased over the next 2 years from $11.40 to $15.00/hr by June 2019 along with other measures to ensure decent work for everyone.  

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AECEO’s response

When we raise the floor, everyone benefits - this is good news for children and families in Ontario. RECEs and staff can see how precarious and low paid work negatively impacts the families that we serve and the young children that we care for and educate. A raise in the minimum wage to $15/hour and further changes to the Employment Standards Act means healthier families across the province.

What does a $15 min wage mean for RECEs in Ontario?

  • A $15 min wage takes us one step closer to Professional Pay for RECEs!
  • Taken together with wage enhancement grants the min wage for RECEs working in licensed child care will reach $17/ hour when the new $15 min wage is implemented.
  • 24% of RECEs working in licensed child care currently earn less than $15 an hour.  This means a wage increase for a whole quarter of RECE professionals working in licensed child care!
  • RECEs and staff working in family resource and early years centres who currently make less than $15 an hour and do not receive any wage enhancements will finally get a raise. 
  • Wages for RECEs cannot continue to be paid through the market (i.e. parent fees) the AECEO will continue to support our RECE professionals through our Professional Pay and Decent Work campaign and to campaign for direct funding to early years and child care programs to pay all RECEs across the sector a professional wage that commensurate with practitioners’ education, experience and responsibilities.

Higher wages and better working conditions will improve our workplaces, our communities and our lives, including the lives of our families.

Get the facts: http://15andfairness.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/It-is-Possible-15-Fact-Sheet.pdf

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  • E W
    commented 2018-11-11 14:25:41 -0500
    A $15 minimum wage is not enough to make ends meet.

    ECE’s are getting burnt out because we do not have a union advocating for us.
    We cannot go on strike or walk off the job as a body like most professions. I find it interesting that the College is charging RECE’s $150.00 a year, expecting us to do more work. If a complaint is lodged against us we have to pay more. They also shove more responsibility on us without reimbursement.

    I hope that the researchers will factor in a RECE’s experience as well as, education and qualifications. Many new students are walking into the job earning the same wage as workers who have been in the field for decades. While I support new RECE’s getting liveable wages, it’s important to ensure that professionals are earning increases and waged correlating to education and experience. I’m disappointed in the lack of organization and problem solving, when looking ahead I hope that things change. Would love to see more blogposts on what steps are needed to make a Regional Wage Scale a reality. I appreciate all the work and contribution the AECEO has done during and before the election. RECE’s shouldn’t have to depend on the elections childcare plans to seal our fates. The two dollars an hour increase back in 17 was an insult to the veterans working in the Profession . Now that Ford is in, we have no chance of getting ahead unless we walk out. If we can’t stand up and negotiate for ourselves nothing will change. My solution is organizing a province wide walk out and raising media awareness, nothing else is working. Educating the government is half of the solution.

    It’s not worth staying in the profession within the province. I won’t be able to stay on the SchoolBoard as staff if the wage scale is not implemented in the near future. I dislike sounding this cynical.. I’ve been in the field for a while and observed that progress isn’t happening. Now that the College of RECE’s are in power we are penalized for not paying the membership fees, most RECE’s can’t afford to make ends meat and have three jobs. What was the College thinking?

    My next step is leaving the College of RECE to become a Teacher, the teachers in a Kindergarten classroom have paid planning time, get paid during summers, have adequate SickDays and Professional Development Days. While the school board has it’s challenges, the teachers get compensated fairly. If you’ve read this far, thanks for taking the time out of your day. It’s great hearing from RECE’s who feel the same way, at least I know I’m not alone in this.
  • Sue Parker
    commented 2018-08-13 10:39:19 -0400
    This is not supposed to be the way the grant works. If you know of any operator that is doing this they should be reported to the municipality/DSSAB.
  • Cathy Lynn
    commented 2018-08-13 00:13:48 -0400
    Some child care centres are using the wage top ups as an excuse to pay less from their own pocket. They are getting the grants but still only paying the minimum wage, instead of minimum wage plus grants. Is this allowed?
  • Valérie Chase
    commented 2017-05-31 23:30:36 -0400
    Not for all families as childcare fees will be increased significantly.