Introducing the new AECEO Student Blog

The AECEO is excited to introduce the new AECEO Student Blog - A space for ECE students, by ECE students! 

Year-round, students in post-secondary ECE programs all over Ontario complete their placement/internship with the Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario, working on a variety of self-directed projects. Throughout the years, students and interns have hosted community events, created multimedia content for various platforms, led consultations, participated in class and community presentations and much more. While we have been consistently sharing students' work on social media, we are now going to dedicate a space on our website to the incredible work students do in their time with our team.

Stay tuned! Starting in May 2024, we will begin sharing projects from our current and former students on this blog. In the meantime, we invite you to check out the Student Advocacy Toolkit and the OCBCC student portal for student-led projects. We also encourage you to connect with the Student Early Childhood Educators of Ontario via the SECEO Instagram or through the CoP interest form. Make sure you subscribe to our mailing list and follow the AECEO on Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok to be the first to know about events, professional learning and community development opportunities and more!

Important information about completing a placement/internship with the AECEO
Students enrolled in Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Studies programs may be eligible to do their placement or internship with the AECEO. The AECEO's virtual workplace allows for students from all over the province to fully participate in our activities. If you are interested in policy/advocacy and would potentially want to complete a placement with us, check with your program office if that is a possibility for you and how to proceed. Please note that our team is very small and the number of students we can support is limited.

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