The 2024 Summer Bucket List

Join the AECEO, the OCBCC and ECE advocates across Ontario as we lean into the best part of advocacy: having fun with people who care about the same things we do. Introducing...

The 2024 Summer Bucket List for Early Learning & Child Care! 

In whatever way you are connected to ELCC - staff, students, professors, children, families - the Summer Bucket List for ELCC has items that will fill your cup, connect you to like minded folks and help you and your community care out loud together.

The idea behind this campaign is to intentionally connect advocacy to what you are already doing and help you find the kind of advocacy that makes the most sense for you. We invite you to complete the bucket list tasks and join us online to share your experiences!

See the full Summer Bucket List Guide to learn more about how we are making early learning & child care visible to the rest of the world with this campaign!

How to participate: 

1. Complete a task on the list and document it
Take a picture or a video of the activity(ies)
you chose to do.

2. Share it with us!
Share your pictures/videos with us via social media or send them to [email protected] with the subject line “Summer Bucket List submission”.

3. Check our socials!
We will share submissions throughout the summer! Stay tuned for a chance to see your submission posted to our accounts! 

Download the printable PDF version of the Summer Bucket List!

By taking part in the Summer Bucket List, you are speaking up for an ELCC system that values and respects early childhood by centering higher pay and supportive working conditions for all ELCC workers. 

We hope you'll join us for a summer of joy, learning and community! Stay tuned to our email updates and social media for tips, reminders, examples and check-ins. We are so excited to see how you bring these ideas to life!

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