Recruitment and Strategy Training with Olivia Chow



Olivia Chow will be in North Bay running a training on recruiting members to your cause and planning a strategy on June 23 and 24, the Friday evening, and whole day Saturday. 6-9pm Friday, 10am-4pm Saturday.

Since retiring from politics, Olivia Chow has been working as a distinguished visiting professor at Ryerson University to give people the skills they need to make the change they want.

This training will focus on skills, not theory. As a student, you will leave with tangible tools you can begin applying right away to the causes you are working on. 

Better yet, this workshop will be highly engaging. It will combine brief lectures with hands-on practice in small groups. This means you will leave the training with written recruitment techniques that are relevant to the causes you care about, and with a strategic action plan for how to move your cause forward.

To attend: RSVP to [email protected] Fee is $20. Includes food during training.

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