Provincial Wage Enchancement Grant Pettion

Provincial Wage Enhancement Grant Petition

We have partnered with the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care to launch a petition to continue the Provincial Wage Enhancement Grant to Registered Early Childhood Educators and early years staff in licensed child care.  This funding provides $2 per hour in wage support to many educators and it is critical that it continues.  Funding has not yet been confirmed beyond March 31, 2019.  The future of the grant is in the hands of the provincial government and will be decided by the Ontario Budget this spring. 


Print sign and share the petition today to tell the Ontario Government to maintain the $2 per hour wage enhancement.

  • Petition in English or French to print and sign.  Please mail completed petitions to OCBCC/AECEO offices by February 14, 2019.
  • Frequently Asked Questions - this will be helpful to post near the petition.

If you are interested in collecting signatures in your community to present directly to your local MPP, please write to to become a local petition leader. 

Please note:  This is an official paper petition to the Ontario legislature.  Only paper originals (not copies, emails, or faxes) are accepted.  Signers must include their full address, including postal code, for the petition to be accepted by the legislature. 

#ECEPower #DecentWork #ProfessionalPay  Your voice matters!

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  • Ashlee Lynn
    commented 2019-01-18 18:23:40 -0500
    We should keep our wag enhancement grant because it keeps us separated from professionals to none professionals. There is more money flipping burgers then being a teacher and that should say something. In order to have a good quality program the ece’s need to be respected and treated as valued members. We are expected to do all these things and pay out of pocket to meet these qualifications for min wage. Not only will you see the professionalism go down you are affecting our children’s future. We are valued and respected people not just babysitters. Without ece’s there would not be a paved road one in school full time. Think before you act. Our kids future. Save wag