Goodbye to PL

AECEO Learning & Connections, the professional learning (PL) model through the Building Leadership and Learning Communities project at the AECEO has officially come to an end. Launched in the fall of 2021, one aim of this project has been to create a new professional learning model focused specifically on early childhood educators. Using a transformative approach, sessions provided the opportunity for participants to consider, discuss, and be something different, all in community. Session topics were determined by ECEs and presented by ECEs. Each opportunity to come together provided space for conversation, collaboration, and community care through learning.

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In 3 years, we welcomed more than 5,600+ PL participants from across Ontario. Through surveys completed at the end of each event, participants have shared that these transformative experiences have been engaging and interesting; more than 90% report having deepened their learning and been encouraged to rethink pedagogy and ideas. 80% of PL sessions were presented by RECEs, many of whom directly worked with children, families, and students at the time of their presentation. 

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Giving participants the opportunity to connect with one another in a supportive space during Professional Learning sessions was a key component of AECEO Learning & Connections PL. This would not have been successful without the passion and commitment of our amazing facilitator team, who created safe spaces for discussion and sharing. A massive thank you to all of the facilitators who have joined us over the last few years; we look forward to seeing you again. Joining the PL facilitator team provided members of the ECE community the opportunity to network with educators from outside their area, learn more about the wide range of possibilities in the ECE sector, and gain essential advocacy skills like public-speaking, while receiving care and support from the BLLC team.

A Transformative Professional Learning Model

This model came to be through the visionary mind of Safra Najeemudeen, AECEO Professional Learning Coordinator. Safra worked tirelessly with the community to support and empower educators by creating spaces for critical discussion and conversation. It is thanks to her wisdom, dedication, her critical thinking skills and approachable personality that the impacts of participating in PL were so deeply felt by the ECE community. It is with the deepest appreciation and gratitude that we bid farewell and wish her all the best in her new role.

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