New publications by the AECEO & OCBCC

Policy Brief 2: Ontario Child Care Funding Formula by Dr. Gordon Cleveland

In the latest publication from the OCBCC & AECEO’s Policy Brief series, Dr. Gordon Cleveland outlines what a new Ontario child care funding formula should do in order to be successful. It is anticipated that Ontario will release and implement a new child care funding formula in 2024-2025. This brief summarizes what elements should be considered, what options exist, and how to evaluate the efficacy of any new Ontario funding proposal. This brief will help inform the community’s evaluative processes, feedback and further refinements to Ontario’s forthcoming funding approach.

Click here to access Policy Brief 2: Ontario Child Care Funding Formula in PDF

Program Profile 3: Windsor-Essex Registered Early Childhood Educators Mentorship Program

In the third program profile in our series, Alicia Graovac and Barb Brown describe an innovative mentorship program in Southwestern Ontario. The Windsor-Essex Registered Early Childhood Educators (W.E.R.E.C.E.) Mentorship Program is a formalized and comprehensive mentorship program for early learning professionals in the Windsor-Essex region.

This program is designed to be welcoming for early years professionals in any capacity or role across the early years sector. This creates a grassroots approach breaks down silos by connecting educators and administrators from across the field to engage in conversation and allows for development of meaningful professional development sessions based on what the educators are motivated to explore further. Participants in the W.E.R.E.C.E. Mentorship Program are given an honorarium commensurate to the 75 hours they invested into the program. Individuals can rest assured that their time engaging in professional learning is compensated.

Click here to access Program Profile 3: W.E.R.E.C.E Mentorship Program in PDF



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