Vaccinate ECEs and child care workers

Prioritizing ECEs and child care providers for voluntary COVID-19 vaccinations makes sense - not only will it protect them, but children, families and our communities as well.

Vaccinate_ECEs_and_child_care_workers_now.jpgWe are calling on the Ontario Government to: 

  • Immediately offer vaccination to all staff and providers working in early years, child care settings and schools;
  • Increase funding to ensure the safety and well-being of educators, children and families;
  • Prevent the further loss of early years and child care programs;
  • Ensure transparent communication and collaboration with the sector.

One simple thing you can do to help amplify the calls for ECEs, child care workers and providers to receive the vaccine immediately is sign on to our Protect and Respect Open Letter here: Protect and Respect ECE

We have also seen amazing local advocacy to City Councils and local Public Health Units on accelerating the vaccine for the early childhood workforce, as in the City of Toronto where a motion was passed from the Board of Health to request the Province immediately vaccinate ECEs, child care workers and providers. We encourage you to send a letter to your local representatives. Please find below a letter template (graciously shared by the Toronto Community for Better Child Care) and a list of contact information for Ontario Mayors.

Letter Template

List of Mayors

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