Rising up for Child Care

Negotiations are ramping up – Ontario and Canada are meeting this week to hammer out an agreement on $10.2 Billion in child care funding! 

It’s time to rise up and keep the pressure on to make sure Ontario signs a deal that meets the needs of our communities. The child care community knows what Ontario needs. We have a Roadmap to Universal Child Care. It’s time to get the deal done so that municipalities and the community can get to work making things happen across the province.

The Ontario child care sector has been supporting children and families throughout the pandemic, under challenging and constrained circumstances. With $10.2 Billion on the table for Ontario, we know the sector is ready to move forward with new supports. 

It’s time for affordable fees for families, decent work and pay for educators and expanding the non-profit sector to allow more families to access high-quality early learning and child care in Ontario. Children, families and educators deserve this deal now.


What we’re asking you to do:

There are 3 ways you can participate in this campaign! You can do all or just the ones you are most comfortable with.

1. Call Premier Ford and tell him to sign on to the deal. You can copy the phone call script here and call Premier Ford to share your story.

2. Share on social Media: Download the poster and print it or save it to edit on your computer. Check off which of the 3 big ideas (affordable fees, decent work and pay, non-profit expansion) means the most to you right now (it could be all 3!). Add a statement into the open space about what this would mean for you. For example, “Decent Work and Pay would mean I can afford groceries for my family”, or “Affordable fees would mean I can make decisions about my child’s care based on what’s best for them, not just what we can afford”, or “Non-profit expansion matters to me so that every dollar goes into my child’s care and well-being”.

Take a selfie with your poster or take a photo of your poster and share on social media and directly with us by email to [email protected]. You can also use the hashtags #RisingUpForChildCare #DecentWork and #ECEPower and tag us in your posts.

3. Sign our petition to send an email Premier Ford and Minister Lecce and tell them to sign the deal: https://www.childcareontario.org/sign_the_child_care_agreement . If you've already signed the petition, send it to five friends or share it on social media. 

Together we can move child care forward!  

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