Regional Wage Scales for RECEs Working in Regulated Childcare in Ontario


A Discussion Paper

September 10, 2015

Regional Wage Scales for RECEs Working in Regulated Childcare in Ontario: A Discussion Paper provides a platform for discussing regional wage scales as a solution to address the on-going issues around compensation in the regulated childcare sector.

In this paper you will find information about what we know about wages in the regulated childcare sector, reasons for establishing wage scales, important principles underlying this work and a proposed framework for developing regional wage scales for RECES working in regulated childcare in Ontario.

We want to hear how regional wage scales would impact you.

This paper is a public document and can be reprinted and used within your work settings and communities. We encourage you to share this document with your colleagues, employers, community leaders, and political representatives. Our goal in the mid term is to facilitate in-person conversations around this document. In the short term we invite you to post your thoughts and questions below and encourage others to do the same.

Here are some questions to consider:

Who needs to be involved in making this a reality?

What other tools do you need to participate in this conversation?

What opportunities and challenges do you foresee in this process?

How much do you think RECEs should earn?

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