Child Care Parent and Family Community Action

You are invited to join us and take action for child care in Ontario!

The first Child Care Parent and Family Community Action session will be a space for solidarity and advocacy for Ontario child care. Now is the time to build the child care system that we need and that we deserve. Families need accessible spaces, and ECEs and child care workers deserve equitable pay, and in Ontario these two issues are intertwined. When families and ECEs speak out together, we have the power to make sure that our province doesn’t fail us, and that we get access to the incredible Universal Child Care system that we all deserve.

We want to hear from parents, families, and primary caregivers about their experiences of child care since the $10/day plan was announced. Fill out our pre session survey, to help us advocate for YOU!:  

Link to survey

Everyone is welcome to join this community action, families with child care, and families who are waiting for child care, ECEs and other child care workers, ECE students, and all other allies! We hope you’ll share this invitation and we encourage you to bring a friend, a grandparent, or a work colleague! You’re not alone, and we know that we CAN have a system that meets our needs, if we speak up together!

Thank you to all 150 participants from across Ontario who joined the first session on March 21st!

Thank you so much to all of the parents, families, and allies who attended the first Parent and Family Community Action meeting!

We know that when we speak up with focus and conviction we can get what we need. 

We will be hosting a second session on April 9th at 8PM to build on what we’ve already done together. You will have the opportunity to connect with one another in breakout rooms, share your experiences, and discuss our next steps for advocacy. 

Register for the next meeting on April 9th!

Share this information! We hope to see you there!


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