ECEs and Decent Work - Can you help?

During the past few years the AECEO has been leading the charge to improve compensation and working conditions for registered early childhood educators and staff through the Professional Pay and Decent Work Campaign.   From that work the Ontario Early Childhood Sector Decent Work Charter has been developed as one of the components to mobilize a collective effort to achieve greater recognition and improved compensation and working conditions for those employed in the sector.

Tell us about your experience with Decent Work! We are looking for an ECE that is willing to be involved in a short telephone interview that will be published in our Fall 2018 eceLINK.  We want to highlight ECE experiences with Decent Work and Professional Pay.  


We are committed to supporting quality workplace environments that will in turn support the foundations that underpin individual, family and community well- being.  These include the economic and social structures that promote improved child outcomes.

You can join the campaign and add your voice to the hundreds of educators, staff and parents who support the AECEO's Professional Pay & Decent Work Campaign!

If you are interesting in being involved please email [email protected]

Your Voice Matters!

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