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We have been working over the closure period to create opportunities for ECEs and early years staff to come together, for us to listen to your concerns and ideas and to advocate on your behalf. In our survey, we heard from almost 4,000 ECEs and early years staff. This informed our report From Reopening to Recovery, co-authored with the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care (OCBCC) which included 27 recommendations to government on what is necessary in order for Ontario's early years programs to be able to reopen, or operate, safely in the context of COVID-19. We continue to call on government to do better.

Today the Ontario government announced they will share more details on their plan for reopening childcare tomorrow, as they move into a regional Stage 2 opening. We are concerned. As we have seen through their "Stabilization Funding", the government has taken slow and insufficient action to support early years programs and ECEs and early years staff.

We are continuing to organize and advocate to make sure the needs of ECEs and early years staff and children are a priority, and that sufficient funding and supports are in place so that programs can survive and thrive through the Emergency Order period, and reopen only when it is safe and they are prepared to.

But - WE NEED YOUR HELP. Our collective voice is louder with you - we are stronger together.

Right now you can:
1. Read and share our report, co-authored by the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care (OCBCC), From Reopening to Recovery:

2. Send a letter to you MPP and the Minister of Education supporting From Reopening to Recovery:…

3. Invite parents in your network who are concerned about programs reopening to our Parent Call on June 9th at 7:30 pm:…/tZIsdO6hrD8pE9OtBxtJ06MgH4aTVKrI8…

4. Join us Wednesday, June 10 at 1:00pm to learn how to meet with your MPPs and get connected with others in your area:…/tZIscOisqTguHNc7iEprLFOhVH5u9iPW7…

5. If you can, consider becoming a member or donating to help us continue our work:

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