AECEO Decent Work and Anti-Racism Survey

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Since 2015 the Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario has been leading the Decent Work Campaign to build the collective voice of ECEs and early years staff in advocacy for decent work and professional pay. This new survey is designed to help inform future work under this campaign, including, but not limited to, policy recommendations to the Ministry of Education, the research and development of a salary grid, and the definition of decent work standards. As well, the survey will help the AECEO to revisit and update our existing project documents, including the Decent Work Charter and supporting documents.

We know that there is an existing data gap, and we are hoping to better understand existing wage gaps, the challenges in working conditions, pedagogical experiences, and the differential experiences of racialized ECEs. Your stories are important for highlighting what steps we need to take to ensure that all ECEs and early years staff are respected, valued and experience decent work.

This survey is voluntary and confidential. For more information on our intentionality and approach we invite you to review the informed consent information at the beginning of the survey here.

If you have any questions about the survey or process, please email [email protected]. Thank you for sharing your voice and experience with us as we work together to achieve decent work for all ECEs.


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