Early Childhood Educators are the backbone of a national childcare program.

October 16. 2014

The Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario (AECEO) welcomes the announcement made yesterday by Thomas Mulcair and the Federal NDP regarding their plan to implement a national high quality and affordable childcare program if elected.

We join our colleagues in the childcare community in applauding the NDP for establishing the foundation for a national conversation around early childhood education and childcare (ECEC) leading up to the 2015 election and for their commitment to making childcare affordable for families.

Canada falls behind much of the world in its lack of a national policy on the care and education of its youngest citizens.  A national policy would establish standards across the country while providing the necessary funding for the provinces to support families. As a provincial organization, we understand and acknowledge the role of the provinces in using these policies in developing and delivering childcare services that meet the local needs. We are reassured that the NDP platform commits to, “work with the provinces, territories and Indigenous communities to fund and develop national early childhood education and childcare programs delivered with common principles like affordability, availability and quality”.

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