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The following are materials and resources provided to us by the workshop presenters of the 2016 Shaping our Future conference held September 16-17th, in Ottawa, ON.  Materials will be posted as they become available to us.  

Changing the role of leader: Bringing a flipped classroom into the learning community 

Alison Gaston

This interactive workshop defines our role as leaders and looks at ways of supporting the switch of 'power' and the changes it makes to the engagement of students. 

The orientation and onboarding of employees and beyond

Kim Hiscott,/Ronna MacPherson

This workshop provided resources to develop a framework or process for orientation and onboarding of new employees.  Topics of discussion included: When the process starts and ends; the value of engaging employees for your agency as well as the early years sector, supporting professional learning for employees at all stages of employment and what that can look like.

Professional Identity: research into journeys of self-discovery

Dr. Elaine Winick/Dr. Elaine Levy/Nicola Morrison/Daniel Venditti

This workshop, focused on a current research project funded through George Brown College’s Research and Innovation Department, explores the influences that recent and ongoing changes in the early years’ sector have on professional self identity. It is important to note that this current research project has an Ontario focus, with implications for national needs, and international (and inter-collaborative practices) attention.

Exploring strategies to support ECEs in addressing ‘stress’ in the workplace 

Gail Hunter/Raizell Slobodsky

This workshop for early childhood educators who work in child care centres, before and after school programs, home child care, full day kindergarten, drop in centres, clinics or in any other capacity working with children and families.  In this interactive workshop participants discuss the concept of ‘stress’, identify triggers of stress, the impact stress has on well-being and on their professional practice.  We delve into direct and indirect strategies that will support ECEs in creating collegial, supportive, and productive work environments. The discussion encompasses exploration of strategies such as self-reflection, strengthening professional relationships, communication with children and families and importance of ‘self’. 

Beyond flesh coloured crayons: Supporting children’s cultural growth in early years programs

Bernice Cipparrone McLeod/Safra Najeemudeen 

Diversity, inclusion and equity continue to be of paramount relevance to the field of education particularly with recent emigration and immigration issues across the globe. How are educators using environments that are rich in diversity to help facilitate children’s cultural growth? Beyond flesh coloured crayons, pictures representing diversity and holiday celebrations, educators benefit from critically reflecting on their own assumptions, cultural beliefs and values which influence their practice when working with culturally diverse children and families. 

We are ALL IN this together!

Rosario Dizon

A workshop that revisits what inclusion means to the early learning professional and how it is applied to the early learning classroom. 

Best practices in Aboriginal ECE at Oshki Pimache-O-Win (OSHKI) Education and Training Institute 

Lori Huston/Roxanne Loon/Rita Winter-Duncan

This workshop tells the story of Aboriginal early childhood educators in Northern Ontario, receiving an Aboriginal ECE diploma within a First Nation institute located in Thunder Bay, ON, which delivers a blended unique model that allows students to stay in their communities for the majority of the program, while working in the field of early learning and raising their families.  Includes highlights of the best practices at OSHKI, graduation rates, the impact the program has in communities.  Participants learn about the Aboriginal ECE learning lab and its teaching purposes for the students. 

Rita Winter-Duncan shares her knowledge and experience of First Nation language practices with the students, communities and post secondary programs at OSHKI. 

Exploring the ethical standards for the teaching profession through Anishinaabe Art

Déirdre Smith 

Order your collection of complimentary aboriginal art posters by artist Bruce Beardy, OCT. The art was designed to support the integration of the standards within teacher education and professional practice. 

The posters must be ordered in sets and not individually. You can request a maximum of 2 sets per order.


Posters are also available to download and print at home: 

Questions? Please send an email to

Continuous Professional Learning and the changing landscape of the early childhood profession

Melanie Dixon/Lyndsay Macdonald

The CECE and the AECEO co-facilitate this workshop that provides participants with information and resources to support their fulfillment of CPL requirements. Presenters lead participants through a discussion about the CPL program, professional portfolio building and how to use CPL for professional and personal growth. This workshop fosters a deeper understanding of CPL and the ways in which RECEs can use the program to come together and to address challenges within the sector.

Adapting your program for refugee and immigrant children

Julie Dotsch

Together we explore the special needs of immigrant and refugee children and their families. Through demonstration, case studies and activities, participants learn how to alter their expectations, how to communicate more effectively with children and promote language and learning. Examples of specific adaptations for Syrian children are included.

How does nature and outdoor learning happen in early childhood? A panel discussion on wild pedagogy, Forest and Nature Schools and risky play

Moderated by: Sinead Rafferty

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  • Heidi Campbell
    commented 2016-12-01 22:34:07 -0500
    Thank you for posting this! Really inspiring to hear practitioners points of view and the contribution these ECE’s are making to the improving the lives of children through daily contact with nature. Bravo!
  • Paula Gallo
    commented 2016-10-20 17:21:27 -0400
    wonderful video ! thanks so much for sharing it with folks that couldn’t make it to the conference!