Professional Learning for ECEs

pdbutton.pngProfessional learning activities accessed by early childhood educators range from single or multi-session workshops to educational and professional credentials such as certificates, diplomas and degrees.

Professional learning activities are currently being delivered by a host of various organizations and institutions in the province. Many regions have resource centres, as either stand-alone organizations or as part of larger institutions that coordinate the provision of professional learning and/or provide access to professional learning calendars.

Our list of professional learning opportunites provides web links and contact information to regional resource centres and training institutions that can connect you to professional learning opportunities in your community.

The AECEO also provides professional learning year round through AECEO sponsored events, workshops, online learning/webinars and community meetings.


Ontario's ECE Grants  ECE_logo_bilV2.jpg

This program is mandated by the Ministry of Education to administer this grants program which helps to financially support individuals who are studying in the field, working at home or in a centre-based agency in Ontario, to obtain their ECE Qualifications Upgrade diploma or Leadership certification.

AECEO Online Professional Learning

Continuing the movement for the ECE workforce

The videos in this series include the six presentations that took place at Conestoga College during a Professional Pay & Decent Work Panel.  Panelists discussed the issues and solutions for professional pay for ECEs in Ontario from their unique perspectives.

The moderation and participant discussion that took place after the panel presentations is not provided on video to protect the privacy of participants. However, many of the reflection questions included in this document are inspired by the questions and conversations that took place in between and after the presentations.  

A discussion guide to accompany the videos is also available

Visit Professional Learning Registration for more online learning.