Pledge cards are a way for people to support and join the AECEO’s Professional Pay and Decent Work Campaign. The professional pay & decent work campaign’s goals are:

  • Stable & well funded system
  • Affordable for all families
  • Professionally paid educators
  • Highly valued & recognized profession
  • High quality programs for all

Once filled out, signers tear off and keep the smaller portion of the card and the rest of the card is returned to the AECEO where the contact information of the pledger is entered into our database and the professional pay petition. Pledgers will then receive information emails about the campaign activities and how they can participate as well as general AECEO e-bulletins and information. They may opt out of receiving these materials at any time by clicking the appropriate box on an e-bulletin or contacting the AECEO.

Pledgers who check “Y” to being contacted by local organizers will have their contact information forwarded to the local organizer for their location, if there is one.

With each bulk order of pledge cards a postage paid return envelope is included so the cards can be returned to the AECEO after signing. 

Order your Pledge Cards here


Pledge cards are a way for people to support and join the AECEO’s Professional Pay and Decent Work Campaign. They are also a way for local groups to recruit new campaign supporters and to engage their community members in conversation about the importance of improved wages and working conditions for RECEs and early years staff. You can use the online version of the pledge card or order the pledge cards in full-colour (they're the same pledge).

Pledge cards can be used for:

Tables at community events
Door-to-door canvassing for campaign supporters 
Group canvassing at local coffee shops, malls and farmers markets
Engaging with early years and child care programs to engage parents and staff