First York Book Club Meeting

Our first book club meeting took place at Monica Bissett's home in Richmond Hill on October 23, 2014. Members can join the book club at anytime by emailing us at

Below is information on the first book being explored and a link to purchase the book online at Amazon.  

A discussion board is below and members are encouraged to share their questions and comments with other members. Following each meeting, we will share our notes below as well.  

Book #1

The first book our club will explore is: Kids First: Five Big Ideas for Transforming Children's Lives and America's Future


It may "take a village to raise a child," but most American families are struggling, with diminishing social support, to do the job on their own. While parents work longer hours for less and the costs of childcare, healthcare, and college skyrocket, the share of the U.S. budget spent on kids has fallen 22 percent since 1960. More and more children may well not make it to a healthy, productive adulthood. That's terrible for them - and for us as well.It doesn't have to be this way. In this book, renowned expert David L. Kirp clarifies the importance of investing wisely in children. He outlines a visionary "Kids First" policy agenda that's guided by a "golden rule" principle: Every child deserves what's good enough for a child you love. And he offers lively and inspiring, on-the-ground accounts of five big cradle-to-college initiatives that can change the arc of all children's lives: strong support for parents; high-quality early education; linking schools and communities to improve what both offer children; giving all youngsters access to a caring and stable adult mentor; and providing kids a nest egg to help pay for college or kick-start a career.

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