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  • signed Sign the Petition for Professional Pay 2016-02-16 14:22:25 -0500
    This is a much needed change that all ECE’s can’t wait to see. We truly deserve more than $12 to $18/hr, and for those ECE’s in the school board, they should get the same benefits like the teachers, anything less, is considered inequality in pay or discrimination.

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    The overarching goal of this campaign is to address the long-standing issue of low and inequitable compensation for early childhood educators (ECEs) in Ontario. We are calling on the government to fund professional pay for all ECEs in Ontario regardless of where they work. Professional pay should reflect ECEs’ specialized training, the value of their work and their participation in continuous professional learning.

    No ECE should have to work for less than a professional wage and all ECEs should be recognized for their professional qualifications and practice.

    For more information on the campaign please see http://www.aeceo.ca/professional_pay_for_professional_work


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  • commented on Regional Wage Scales for RECEs Working in Regulated Childcare in Ontario 2016-02-16 14:09:45 -0500
    Truly it is a sad state!!! To see a student pile up on student loans after a two year diploma degree, and only to graduate and be offered $12 to $15/Hr. It is such a sad state for all of us in this professsion. Some urgent changes need to be done asap. I am one of those professsionals , that has an accounting background, but was spiritually called into this field by volunteering in the children’s dept of my church, and since then, the love and wellbeling of children has been my priority. However, this pay situation is very horrible!. I don’t see any reason why an ECE will be working together with a teacher who get paid all the hours worked, including the summer and christmas break, but the the ECE is left out with nothing. This is indeed discrimination against humanity. I just can’t comprehend. We really need help!!!!. I am one of those people that is planning to have a plan B, because i just feel like we are not rewarded for all our hard work. We truly deserve more than this. As soon as i join this organization, i will be a strong advocate and on the front line. (If you are reading this, i urge you to do the same!!!!) because this is not just right!!!!!

    Note: Please all ECE’s need to also voice out about this new CCEYA act, because indeed this act is not favoring the children, the family, nor we the ECE’s. It is actually engaging us to work in an hostile environment considering the new ratios. This also is another sad state, that i can’t believe passed through. WE REALLY NEED HELP and only our VOICE can do it. So go ahead and send your opinion to CCGE_modernization@ontario.ca..