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What is the 'Share Your Child Care Story' Project About?

During the 'Building Skills for Change in the Early Years' Workshop with Olivia Chow and the Institute for Change Leaders, participants worked towards creating and sharing their 'Child Care Story'. We have had parents, RECEs, and community members share their stories and we want you to do the same! 

The Share Your Child Care Story project’s goal is to collect and share child care stories from across the province to highlight the need for a early years and child care system that puts decent work for RECEs and staff at its heart.  

Everyone has a child care story: we are asking RECEs, Staff, parents, children and community members to share their child care stories in support of the AECEO’s Decent Work campaign. Reach out to your networks—We all know someone who relies on early years and child care programs! Your experience and voices are valuable, lets make sure we are being heard. 

Why Should You Share?

Your experiences and voices are valuable; let’s make sure we are being heard! As a strong group with a  collective voice we can impact change and growth in our sector. 

Your story is about you, not places or organization where you have worked, but rather a positive message that highlights your experiences, challenges and outcomes. 

How to Share

We want to hear from Educators, Families and Children and anyone who support the Professional Pay and Decent Work Campaign! 

Here are the basic guidlines for 'Sharing your Story'

Story Guidelines

  • 3 minutes maximum.
  • Stories can be in video, written or audio format.
  • Stories should not include any names or identifying information of other people or centres / organizations.

Educators -- How to get started:

  • Talk about how long you been an ECE and what sparked you to work in the field.

Your Challenges / Choices

  • What has been the biggest challenge in working in the field and what was so challenging about it? What choices have you made and how did it feel

Your outcome

  • What were some of the outcomes / choices that needed to be made. What did it feel like and what did it teach you, describe the lesson you learned, how it felt and perhaps the change you saw.

Families -- How to get started:

  • When did you find first need Child Care?
  • What was the process of finding care like?
  • How did it make you feel?

Your Challenges:

  • What has been your biggest challenge? and how did that impact your family?

Your Choices:

  • Describe your family’s choices, who made the decisions, what did they feel like physically or emotionally.

Your Outcome

  • What were the outcomes / choices that you made? Emotionally how did it feel and what did you learn from it.

Your Experience

  • What were your experiences with the centre/ educators and staff at the centre?

Children Stories -- How to get started:

Interviewing a child can be a fun, entertaining and a joy, please remember to keep your questions open-ended so they are best able to tell their own story.

Parents can add, what age the child(ren) started in care and the type of care they were in; Child Care Centre, Home Care or their unique situation.

  • What do love most about being a Child?
  • Who is your Best Friend?
  • What is your favourite activity to do during the day?
  • What did like best about your Child Care Centre?
  • What do you like most about your classroom?

How To Share

You can send us your completed story to We are hoping to begin sharing on Mother's Day, May 14th, 2017! We are asking for the stories to be in video format becuase hearing it from the source is more meaningful and impactful!

Share on your own social media platform! With the hashtags; #ECEPower, #DecentWork, #ProfessionalPay, #ChildCareCantWait and be sure to tag your MPP along with Minister Indira Naidoo-Harris and Premier Kathleen Wynne!


We are looking forward to hearing all your stories!



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