ECE Power in your community

ECE Power in action.   We got the power! ECEs across the province are working together and committed for building change.


There are many events and activities happening in various communities. Check out what is happening in your community! 

Together we got the power!  #ECEPower #DecentWork


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Building ECE Power for Change

This year, the Professional Pay & Decent Work project continues to build power as registered early childhood educators from across the province join together in an ECE led movement for decent work. From sharing our stories, to hosting local events that raise awareness and increase support for improved wages and working conditions - RECEs, early childhood staff, and parents are effectively organizing for quality, affordable, accessible early years and child care programs that have decent work for educators at the heart.

The AECEO has been working closely with our partners, the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care (OCBCC), Institute for Change Leaders (ICL) and the Atkinson Centre for Society and Child Development. Together, we are focused on honing the strength and skills of the early childhood (EC) workforce to build an ECE led movement. We will continue to build the power needed to induce public policy progress on wages and working conditions for registered early childhood educators (RECEs) and staff in Ontario. Engaging a critical mass of informed suppo­­­­­­rters will build the AECEO`s power - bring our campaign to the next level and reinforce our position as the voice for RECEs in Ontario.


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AECEO's Decent Work Task Force Calls for $25/hr minimum for all RECEs in Ontario

The Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario (AECEO) has been leading the charge to improve wages and working conditions for Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECEs) and staff in Ontario.The AECEO’s Decent Work Task Force delivers our workforce strategy recommendations to the provincial government today - November 30th 

We are calling for a commitment from the Ontario government to bring all RECEs up to $25/hr to reflect their level of education and the value of their work.

Read the full report here.

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Ministry of Education to provide wage support for licenced child care centres

Campaigning and leadership success!! The Ministry of Education will fund child care programs to meet the financial demands of the increased minimum wage. RECEs and staff will receive the $2/hour wage enhancement on top of the new $14 min wage in 2018. This is a huge win for the licensed child care sector and one step closer to professional pay for all RECEs and early years staff in Ontario. It is also a promising signal the Province agrees that government funding rather than fee increases is the solution for professional pay and decent work in the early childhood sector!

Ministry of Education memo on wage support

Toronto Star coverage


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Nicole's Story

Nicole is an RECE from Toronto who shares her story about her unique experience of getting her children into quality child care. She observed the struggles RECEs were dealing with and decided to leave her job and join the sector to learn more, and do her part in supporting the children, families and communities involved. 


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Kathleen's Story

Kathleen Matharoo is a Registered Early Childhood Educator from Kitchener who works at an Ontario Early Years Child and Family Centre. She is passionate about family support programs and her role in supporting children, families and communities but also feels undervalued because RECEs in family supports are not eligible for the $2 Wage Enhancement Grant. 

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Shona's Story

Shona Mills is a Registered Early Childhood Educator from Burlington.  Her story outlines the impact of being unable to afford child care as a single parent and how the $2 wage grant roll out’s effect on the RECEs she knew motivated her to create an advocacy group to use her voice to create change. 

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Tracy's Story

Tracy Dore is an RECE from Ginoogaming First Nation. Tracy shares her concerns about the children of her small community, and desires of providing them with the quality care and education they need and deserve. 

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Shana's Story

Shana Kealey is a single parent living in Scarborough.  Her story details her struggles of not being able to find accessible, affordable child care.  Shana took to Social media to create awareness for the lack of child care in her community that resulted in Toronto Children's Services reaching out to find her a space after 4000 views of her video. She has continued to advocate for affordable child care across Toronto. Shana joined our Building Skills for Change workshop in Toronto and shared with ECEs in the importance of sharing your story to advocate for change.

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Share your Story - Carolyn Ferns

SYCCS_Launch-2.pngThe child care story project is an important part of the AECEO’s Professional Pay & Decent Work Campaign. Our goal is to collect and share stories from across the province to highlight the need for quality affordable early years and child care programs where registered early childhood educators and staff are well supported with professional pay and decent work

Our first video is from Carolyn Ferns.  Carolyn first started her career as an ECE working in an infant/toddler room when she realized that there was an overwhelming amount of families unable to afford licensed child care and that the ECE profession was extremely underpaid.  Carolyn then decided to return to school to further her career in ECE research so that she could make a change.  

Everyone has a child care story to share: we are asking RECEs, early years staff, parents, children and community members to share their child care stories in support of the AECEO’s Professional Pay & Decent Work campaign. 

You can send your completed story to and/or share on social media and be sure to tag the AECEO and your MPP along with Minister Indira Naidoo-Harris @MPPIndiraNH and Premier Kathleen Wynne @Kathleen_Wynne 

More tips on how to Share your Story

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