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New Campaign Tool Kit now available!

AECEO Launches Professional Pay & Decent Work Campaign Tool Kit

The AECEO's Professional Pay & Decent Work Campaign has been successfully engaging and organizing hundreds of RECEs, early years staff, parents and community members in Ontario. This Campaign Tool Kit will support local Professional Pay Communities of Practice, early years and child care programs, individual RECEs/staff/parents and ECE students as they engage in campaign actions. As the campaign continues to grow we will add more tool kit items to support actions and engagement across the province. 

Early childhood educators, staff, parents, children and community members can work together to shape the future of Ontario’s early years and child care system.


Key Campaign Messages

Take the online Pledge

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Minimum wage hike could spell spike in child care fees, daycare operator warns

Indira Naidoo-Harris, Ontario’s minister responsible for early learning and child care, says the province’s recent Changing Workplaces Review, which recommends an increase to the minimum wage, 10 paid sick days and a three-week paid vacation, is “good for child care workers, good for children and good for families.”

About one-quarter of registered early childhood educators in the province earn less than $15 an hour, notes Lyndsay Macdonald of the Association of Early Childhood Educators of Ontario, which supported the recent Fight for $15 campaign to boost the minimum wage.

“The province definitely has to step up and define for municipalities how this should be addressed,” she said.



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Educators & Parents Rally in support of Equitable FDK classroom sizes


On Wednesday, June 21, 2017, more than 150 teachers, education workers, parents, and other concerned community members rallied on the steps of the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) office to call on Board officials and Trustees to address the growing concern of inequitable Full-Day Kindergarten (FDK) class sizes.

Read more from Elementary Teachers of Toronto

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Spring into Action for Decent Work

Shared_Vision_Decent_Work.pngeceLINK Spring 2017

Decent work for Ontario’s Early Childhood Workforce must be a pillar of the government’s plan to build a better future for children and families in Ontario. ECEs, parents, and government have a common goal: high quality care and education for our youngest learners. As research shows, ECEs and sta are key to quality. Ensuring better wages and working conditions that support educators to provide high quality care and education must be the foundation upon which we build a better future for everyone in our province. 

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Piecemeal Solutions Get Piecemeal Results: Addressing Wages in Regulated Child Care in Ontario

PPPW_logo_trans_text_web.pngShellie Bird/Shani Halfon 
eceLINK Spring 2015

"Over the past 30 years there have been a number of initiatives in Ontario aimed at increasing wages for the early childhood education and child care (ECEC) workforce working in regulated child care centres and regulated home child care. In this article we will look back at what has been done to improve wages for the ECEC workforce in Ontario and examine how e ective these initiatives have been for achieving professional wages. Recent changes to the provincial child care funding formula and the $1 per hour wage increase for some staff working in the regulated child care sector will also be analyzed. A concluding discussion about where we are now and how we might begin to move forward will identify some critical points for addressing the chronic issue of the regulated child care workforce’s low wages." 

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Professional Pay for Professional Work: How do we get there?

By Dr. Rachel Langford, RECE, AECEO President (2012-2014)


The AECEO’s success in establishing a regulatory college for Ontario early childhood educators and creating a legislated professional credential for ECEs was a fundamental achievement in our mission to improve compensation and career opportunities for all early childhood educators in the province. Now, with the Ministry of Education’s focus on modernizing Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) in Ontario, the time is right to initiate the next steps in resolving these long-standing issues.

The recent “You Bet We Still Care” report substantiated the need for better wages for ECE professionals if we are ever to tackle the issue of recruitment and retention. Yet there are many challenges ahead and varying opinions on what, and how, the issue of professional pay for ECEs should be addressed.

When the AECEO board decided to focus its advocacy work on Professional Pay for Professional Work, we knew that we would face many challenges. Some of these challenges might be called distractions.

In the case of claims for Professional Pay for Professional Work and a drive towards realizing this goal we will be challenged by both distractions and possibly driven to distraction by some roadblocks. 

We have identified three distractions that many of us have been vulnerable to and some of which AECEO board members have discussed. Some of these distractions may be hard to hear but it is important to put them on the table for discussion.

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“I’m More Than ‘Just’ an ECE”: Decent Work from the Perspective of Ontario’s Early Childhood Workforce

October 2016


In 2016 we completed eight mobilization forums across Ontario, stopping in Sault Ste. MarieScarboroughWhitbyMississaugaWaterlooBrantfordKingston and Sudbury and met with over 200 ECEs and early years staff. The forums aimed to increase dialogue and broaden understandings of decent work in the early childhood sector while also documenting the unique HR needs and challenges of the early childhood workforce in Ontario.  




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Strengthening our collective voice for professional pay and decent work!

Last September during our Provincial conference in Ottawa, our coordinator Lyndsay Macdonald talks about how we can strengthen our collective voice to call for professional pay and decent work!

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Building Skills for Change in Early Years & Child Care leadership training

We are partnering with long-time child and family advocate Olivia Chow and the Institute for Change Leaders to offer province-wide training sessions with the aim of connecting ECEs and early years staff with parents and engaged community members to strengthen our campaign for Professional Pay & Decent Work in early years and child care.  

This 2 day training session is an excellent opportunity for those working or studying in the early years and child care sector who are interested in taking up an active role in their communities and in our Professional Pay campaign. Participants will gain the skills and confidence to engage others, to become leaders in their work or school environments and to champion positive change in our sector.

The curriculum teaches emerging leaders how to:

  • Gain self confidence to tell your story/speak your mind to motivate others  
  • Recruit and retain members of your community/program to work towards a common goal
  • Build strong Communities of Practice (CoP) that foster leadership among ECEs, staff and parents
  • Strategize in a CoP setting and utilize tactics that build power and move decision makers
  • Have a strong social media presence

Participants will take away skills and knowledge that can be used to organize Communities of Practice (CoP) and promote leadership among teams in a variety of early years settings.

A very limited amount of free registrations are available to students currently enrolled in an ECE diploma or degree program.  Please go to the registration page for more information.

For more information and to register for our session in Ottawa, ON - April 8th-9th

Lunch & refreshments will be provided for the 2 day session.  

Professional Learning certificates will also be provided to participants.  

This spring/summer we will be travelling with Olivia Chow to the following cities 
Thunder Bay 
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