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  • Professional Comprehensive

    $125.00 every 12 months
    Professional Comprehensive Membership
  • Professional EMP

    $70.00 every 12 months
    An individual with an OCAAT diploma or degree in Early Childhood Education obtained in Ontario, or its equivalent as determined by the AECEO
  • Professional Retired

    $65.00 every 12 months
    A retired professional who previously held professional membership with the AECEO and has reached the age of 60. Requirements include providing proof of date of birth.
  • Professional Retired EMP

    $50.00 every 12 months
  • Professional Certified EMP

    $60.00 every 12 months
    Professional Certified EMP Membership
  • Professional Certified

    $125.00 every 12 months
    Professional Certified members must have completed the AECEO certification process.
  • Transitional 1Yr Professional

    $35.00 every 12 months
    This membership category is available to an RECE in the first year of graduation.
  • Student Membership

    $35.00 every 12 months
    An individual currently enrolled in an OCAAT, or an Ontario university or training institution leading to their AECEO recognized diploma or degree in ECE.
  • Centre/Program/Organization A

    $165.00 every 12 months
    Centre Affiliate A Membership
  • Centre/Program/Organization B

    $315.00 every 12 months
    Centre Affiliate B Membership
  • Associate Comprehensive

    $125.00 every 12 months

    (formerly known as Non-ECE)

  • Associate EMP

    $70.00 every 12 months