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  • commented on Regional Wage Scales for RECEs Working in Regulated Childcare in Ontario 2015-09-10 18:18:03 -0400
    Federal, Provincial, and Municipal government need to collaborate for affordable daycare and good wages for quality daycare providers. This is the future of our country. The challenge is to assess wages nation-wide and even from city to city as cost of living changes pending where you live. RECE’s should earn similar to elementary school teachers as the work is similar in curriculum development, individual planning, parent-teacher conferences and the daily tasks to make this possible are very physical and laborous. There is mental strain in daily planning, emotional strain in dealing with parents and behaviour, and the physical strain of bending, lifting and transforming classroom spaces for young children. If the average wage for an elementary teacher is $50,000 then RECE average wage shoudl be the same.