Teacher Assistant (temporary full time) Macaulay Child Development Centre

START DATE/TERM: March 27 2017 – May 1 2017

REPORTS TO: Supervisor, Dovercourt


Delivers high quality and developmentally appropriate programs for children to facilitate their physical, social, emotional and cognitive growth. Implements programs and activities that facilitate inclusion and integration of children with special needs. Supports a team environment in the classroom and the Centre.


  • Supervise children to protect their safety and personal well-being at all times while in care. Make sure equipment and physical environment is maintained free of safety or health hazards.
  • Assist with planning, executing and evaluating daily programming using the curriculum and approach approved by the agency to promote children’s optimal emotional, cognitive and physical development. Encourage active learning to build self-esteem in an inclusive and respectful environment. Facilitate planned and spontaneous experiences.
  • Observe children’s strengths, areas of challenge, emerging skills and interests. Collaborate with the team to implement inclusive program plans.
  • Record observation to support early identification of a child’s individual needs
  • Demonstrate positive adult/child interaction, use effective and appropriate communication with children, promote children’s independence and problem solving skills, build children’s confidence, assist children with understanding and dealing with the consequences of their behaviour and model mutual respect and kindness
  • Communicate sensitively and appropriately with parents/families. Provide meaningful feedback and information regarding their child’s learning and development, emerging skills and interests and the purpose of activities
  • Participate in classroom set-up including play areas.
  • Work with the team to effectively manage children’s medication schedule and allergies

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