Child Care Supervisor - Waldorf School, Toronto

Childcare Supervisor

Toronto Waldorf School - Thornhill, ON


Position Description: The Supervisor is responsible for the daily safety, documentation and orientation of the Early Childhood, licensed childcare classrooms. The Supervisor reports to the Pedagogical Administrator.


  • Waldorf Teacher Education certification preferred. Funding for Waldorf EC part-time training is available.
  • R-ECE is a definite requirement
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, along with an approachable manner towards parents and colleagues.
  • First Aid certification
  • Vulnerable Sector Screening

Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Ensure that all staff are trained in handling illness, injuries, serious occurrences, fire drills, sanitary procedures and behavior management. Review and updates must be provided regularly.
  • Maintain children’s application and enrolment files including all documentation and confidential information
  • Maintain employee records, including confidential information
  • Ensure archives are properly stored.
  • Complete all Serious Occurrence documentation on the CCLS system.
  • Maintain all computer files and binders.
  • Communicate with Fire Marshall and Marketing staff to ensure that all policies and procedures are updated online and in the binders and files, especially changes.
  • Develop and maintain parent communication with EC Chair and teachers: ie. Feedback questionnaires, meetings, and daily posting
  • Attend staff meetings as required
  • Provide staff evaluations within the first 3 months and annually thereafter. Evaluations may be conducted by other Early Childhood Educators, but the Supervisor must ensure that they are conducted and stored properly.

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