Project Manager - Pumps for Premies

The Project Manager for the Pumps for Premies Development and Implementation Strategy is a pivotal leadership role with high accountability (LHIN, MOHLTC) and visibility in relation to system development.

The Provincial Pumps for Premies Strategy is a Ministry of Health province wide initiative. This initiative is being led by MGH in partnership with the Provincial Council for Maternal Child Health (PCMCH) and BORN. The initiative includes the collaborative development and implementation of a program that ensures mothers of premature infants < 34 weeks gestation have access to a free breast pump at home, while their baby is in hospital. To be successful, the initiative must be coordinated with several provincial stakeholder groups.

The Project Manager is responsible for the gathering of information to inform the project including establishing relationships with key stakeholders, leading the design of a model and pilot project including tools for implementation and patient education, refining the model and spreading implementation among eligible organizations across the province and establishing a data collection and monitoring strategy for evaluation. Developing sustainability measures for ongoing management of the initiative and compiling work plans and reports are also requirements of this role.


  • Masters in relevant Clinical profession or Health Admin
  • Baccalaureate in relevant health profession
  • LC designation an asset
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) designation an asset
  • Demonstrated commitment to on-going learning and professional development

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