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  • posted about Professional Comprehensive on Facebook 2017-07-13 23:25:02 -0400
    I just supported my #ECE Professional by contributing to the @AECEO

    Professional Comprehensive

    An individual with an OCAAT diploma or degree in Early Childhood Education obtained in Ontario, or its equivalent as determined by the AECEO. 

    Members receive Membership ID and receipt via email (unless they request a printed copy), and a printed copy of the quarterly eceLINK in the mail. Members also have access to the members-only area of website and receive e-bulletins via email (must provide email address).


  • signed Sign the Petition for Professional Pay 2016-11-13 19:38:37 -0500
    I am a Registered Early Childhood Educator working in a Kindergarten Room in an Elementary School and although I am an active member of the Teaching Team, I am laid off for the Summer and I have to have a second job during the school year and the Summer to make end’s meet because I am a single mother. I think it is unacceptable.

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    By signing below you are showing support for the professional pay for professional work campaign and will receive updates! 

    The overarching goal of this campaign is to address the long-standing issue of low and inequitable compensation for early childhood educators (ECEs) in Ontario. We are calling on the government to fund professional pay for all ECEs in Ontario regardless of where they work. Professional pay should reflect ECEs’ specialized training, the value of their work and their participation in continuous professional learning.

    No ECE should have to work for less than a professional wage and all ECEs should be recognized for their professional qualifications and practice.

    For more information on the campaign please see http://www.aeceo.ca/professional_pay_for_professional_work


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