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Foundations for RECE Practice in Full Day Kindergarten

A Three Part Webinar Series

This series of webinars explore principles and learning approaches articulated in ELECT (also referred to as the Early Learning Framework) and how these underpin the Full Day Kindergarten program.

ECE Principles in Full Day Kindergarten 

This webinar discusses the 6 ECE principles articulated in the Ontario Early Years Policy Framework.  For each principle, participants will find out how these statements inform decision making in the early years setting.  Participants will be encouraged to reflect what these principles mean to them and connect them with their current practice.

The Learning Community in Full Day Kindergarten

Early Childhood Educators help each other establish a strong foundation for learning the early years.  This webinar introduces participants to what is involved in building a learning community that supports young children and their learning.  This webinar will identify significant members in this community as articulated in the Full Day Kindergarten program and discuss the roles they play in building a consistent learning environment for young children.

Learning Approaches in Full Day Kindergarten

When children’s learning is meaningful and authentic, their learning is memorable.  This webinar explores how the Full Day Kindergarten program captivates children’s natural curiosity and fascination by offering opportunities for exploration and investigation through the inquiry approach.

Participants will use an accompanying workbook/manual to listen, reflect and connect their current practice.



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January 01, 2015 at 12pm - January 20, 2019
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