Executive Director

Nova Scotia College of Early Childhood Education

At the Nova Scotia College of Early Childhood Education (NSCECE), passionate and dedicated students, faculty, and staff work to advance the field of early childhood education. Established as the first Atlantic Canadian training program in early childhood education, the NSCECE is a leader in the early years community. With a downtown campus and three child care centre lab schools, the NSCECE practices what they teach, creating a nurturing environment where learners reach their full potential.
The NSCECE is seeking a new Executive Director to take on leadership of this vibrant non-profit educational environment. In collaboration with the Board of Directors, the Executive Director will provide leadership in strategic planning, human resource management, and financial sustainability for the NSCECE. Working within a complex funding landscape, the Executive Director will ensure the efficient use of resources and assets to achieve the vision, mission, and objectives of the organization. As the face of the organization, the Executive Director will act as both an advocate and champion, building positive and enduring partnerships and representing the NSCECE with stakeholders across the province and the country including government, regulatory bodies, other agencies, community and civic organizations, funders and supporters, and the general public.
As the ideal candidate, you are a visionary leader who is driven by a commitment to create a brighter future for children, families, and communities in Nova Scotia and beyond. Your exposure to, and passion for, the fields of early childhood education and adult education will allow you to lead in a spirit of collaboration, listening, and empathy. Leadership experience within the non-profit, education, or broader public sector and the ability to work successfully within a Board governance framework will best equip you for success in this role. Your superior financial management skills and ability to navigate a complex funding environment will allow you to seize opportunities and optimize resources. A natural coach and mentor to your team, a communicator, a committed life-long learner, and a relationship-builder, you listen and consult in order to learn.
You are passionate about education and children and will leverage the strengths of a committed team to lead the NSCECE forward through a time of sectoral change and renewal, delivering sustainable growth and developing programs to meet the evolving needs of the community and of students.
If this sounds like you please contact Laura Godsoe or Andrea Forbes-Hurley at 902.425.0101 or submit your application online at: www.kbrs.ca/Careers/12312

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