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AECEO Decent Work Task Force Webinar & Workforce Strategy Consultation Survey now online

One of the important components of the AECEO’s drive for professional pay and decent work in the early childhood sector is the creation of strong policy recommendations to the Ministry of Education on their Workforce Strategy -  part of their five year action plan to implement the renewed early years and child care policy framework: Ontario’s Renewed Early Years and Child Care Policy Framework (2017).  Your feedback will help us make sure that our recommendations include what Registered Early Childhood Educators and early years staff in the sector need. 

It is important to the AECEO and the Task Force that our policy recommendations are well informed by RECEs, early years staff and others in the sector. 

Have your say here!  Consultation Survey

The survey ends on November 20th and the Task Force's recommendations will be presented to the Ministry of Education on November 30th, 2017. Please share the survey with your colleagues and through to your networks. 

On October 23rd the Task Force held a live webinar to present the Ontario Early Childhood Sector Decent Work Charter, ask and answer questions and provide information on the consultation process. The webinar was recorded and now available online for viewing and sharing!

Watch recorded webinar here

During the past few years the AECEO has been leading the charge to improve compensation and working conditions for Registered Early Childhood Educators and early years staff through the Professional Pay & Decent Work Campaign.

Since 2015, with funding from the Atkinson Foundation, the AECEO has joined forces with the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care and the Atkinson Centre to mobilize the early years and child care workforce across Ontario in this movement, broadening the focus to include decent work. In an effort to include the voices of those closest to this work, we organized 8 forums from Sault Ste. Marie to Ottawa. In recognition of the valuable role local leaders play in advancing the movement and galvanizing communities around these critical issues, in 2017 we also provided intensive leadership training in four of the communities and have trained over 100 educators, staff and parents.

In tandem, we convened a Task Force, Mobilizing the Early Years Workforce: Community Voices on Decent Work in Early Childhood comprised of researchers, academics, RECEs, employers and policy experts to guide and our inform our work.

The Task Force has two key functions:  

1. Develop recommendations on the Ministry of Education's Workforce Strategy  

2. Develop a Decent Work Charter to support our Shared Vision of Decent Work in the Early Years and Child Care sector

The Ontario Early Childhood Sector Decent Work Charter encapsulates the principles of decent work within workplaces, communities and the broader society. We all value young children and their families. We all strive to provide quality experiences for these same children and families. Making a commitment to the principles of decent work furthers quality programs and services. The Task Force’s recommendations on the Workforce Strategy will address the systemic and structural supports that early years and child care programs/organizations require in order to meet the principles of decent work set out in the Charter.

The AECEO and Task Force want to ensure that members, RECEs, early years staff, administrators and stakeholders from across Ontario have ample opportunity to participate in this important policy process.


Ontario Early Childhood Sector Decent Work Charter 

Decent Work Task Force Members

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